v2 (2017)

coming oct 12-15 & 19-22, 2017
Marines' memorial theatre

Alexandra Flores is a newly-graduated tech journalist in pursuit of the truth in the age of fake news and clickbait. Upon meeting co-founders of an artificial intelligence startup, Alex and her colleague discover there’s more to a company's story than their press releases might suggest. Alex's values will be tested while she goes rogue to bring the real story to light!

sf chronicle

Featuring: Alex Akin, Nicholas Bustmante, Khela Campos, Andrew Chung, Nicole Hardson-Hurley, Lexie Koss, Will Letzler, Sydney Lozier, Dian Meechai, James Seifert, Fiona Walter, and Rolfe Winkler

Produced by Pat Blute & Samantha O'Keefe
Directed by Ken Savage
Book by Jenny ArimotoSarah Cooper, and John Russell
Music and Lyrics by Tareq Abuissa
Assistant Music Directed by Jason Raylesberg
Stage Managed by Sophie Burke
Assistant Stage Managed by Jenny Barin
Choreographed by Jason Scott
Scenic Design by Randy Wong-Westbrooke
Lighting and Projection Design by Stephen Hitchcock
Costume Design by Alexis Lucio

Director of Marketing Noelle Viñas
Content Marketing Maybe Capital (Dre Koval & Anya Kandel)
Graphic Design Liz Fosslien & Micael Butial
Sponsorships and Ticketing Natalie Dillon
Events Ryan Jackson
Social Impact Stacey Allen